atami-ga fura fura my head feels dizzy t-shirt

Atama-ga Fura Fura Suru

Atama-ga Fura Fura Suru (My head feels dizzy). Or "My head goes furafura" every time I stare at this circle pattern. This shirt is perfect for a night of drinking* or the perfect gift for every dizzy headed person in your life. This t-shirt features an attractive blue and white pattern with a phrase to indicate your state of being.

  • "Atama-ga fura fura suru" is a very good phrase to let your Japanese hosts know you've had enough to drink. Now all you have to do is point to your t-shirt.
  • The soft texture of this t-shirt will help absorb moisture as you spill your drink or fall onto the wet floor or ground from dizziness.
  • Great as a conversation enhancer, this concentric circle pattern will help drive people's heads into a tailspin as they stare at this pattern for too long.
  • *Do not advise or condone heavy drinking.

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