Tokyo city in CYMK colors t-shirt

Tokyo CMYK

This Tokyo t-shirt in cyan, magenta, black, and yellow colors is sure to catch interesting glances with it's offset color scheme. The simple lettering gives your shirt an minimalist understated look, while at the same time, injecting some extra pizzaz with the vibrant colors. Celebrate the Japanese city of Tokyo in an interesting and unique way.

  • Stay comfortable in more ways than one while walking around in this Tokyo t-shirt. This cotton tee will help keep you focused while the eyes of people around you twist out of focus to read your shirt.
  • Great t-shirt if you like the city of Tokyo or just like reading the word "TOKYO" on a daily basis in the mirror.
  • If you ever been to Tokyo in the summer, you know how hot it can be. This soft and breathable t-shirt will help you keep your cool and remind you of all those good memories.

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